Ready to optimize your nutrition and get off the roller coaster of sugar and alcohol?

Tell me if life’s looking something like this -

You’re on a break from drinking. then 5PM hits and you’re thinking about wine, again.

Your digestion is so screwed up, you don’t even know what’s normal anymore.

You’re sick of following the rigidity of one “diet”, that doesn’t seem to take your needs into account.

That coffee or cookie seemed like a good idea, but you’re still hangry two hours later.

If that’s a yes, you’re in the right spot.

Hi there, I’m Melinda!

Originally, I started Chek Please as my Instagram account. I was newly gluten free and that was a place to document dishes I re-created at home from their restaurant originals.

As a lifelong cook and career hospitality and wine industry pro, there was a point where health challenges changed my course.  In 2011, I went from dining out every night at the best restaurants (and finest taco trucks) in Los Angeles, to navigating the world of autoimmunity and an entirely new way of nourishing myself.  I traded in trips to Thai town and wine pairings, for farmer’s markets and an Instant Pot. My own health journey started in the kitchen.

A good friend introduced me to the Paleo diet, and while at the time I thought the idea of going “grain free” was bonkers, deep down I knew it was something I needed to look into for my own health. Problem was, I had no idea how to nourish myself with what I saw as a diet of meat and vegetables . A few rounds of Whole30 taught me that eating in that style is more than possible, it’s exciting to eat real food.

In the last couple years, when faced with a new round of unexplained health issues, I learned how to implement a low histamine diet and lifestyle.  You can read more about that journey, here. This is when I began to work with more of the emotional picture, like stress reduction, meditation, and gratitude. I also started to investigate environmental toxins in my home and beauty products.

I decided to quit drinking alcohol in March of 2018, when that piece of the puzzle just kept leaving me not feeling my best. I would worry about what would happen if I drank, even just a little. Sometimes, I was totally fine when I drank, and other times one or two glasses of wine left me feeling the effects for days. This is not to say I only ever drank one or two glasses, there’s a lot of story there, but that’s where I was at when I quit booze.

I’ve relied heavily on a team of people to help me make these changes and looking back, it would have been super helpful to have even more guidance.  I became a nutritional therapy practitioner and gray area drinking / alcohol recovery coach to help bridge that gap for others.

Of course, it's not's all about the food.  If it were, we could hand over a recipe book and some supplements and you’d be good to go.  That's where coaching comes in. All those little daily practices are what add up to a bigger result. I've immersed myself in actionable resources to help you lower anxiety and stress, which in turn improves both metabolism AND mindset. I’m here to help you bridge the gap between the two..

Feel free to reach out and connect, I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Best, Melinda