Finally, deodorant. Primally Pure

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If you’ve been trying to clean up your personal care kit, deodorant is probably on the top of your list.  It’s certainly on mine.  Sadly, I could probably fill a bucket with all the products I’ve purchased that are completely useless. 

There really isn’t anything quite as effective in the “safe & natural” sphere as that Ban roll-on from my teenage years, the one with the aluminum ingredient that clogs up your pores and keeps you from sweating.  I still have some of that junky stuff around for when it’s needed.  Some days for work, I cart strangers around on sales calls when it’s 115 degrees in Las Vegas.  My car has AC, but everybody needs some extra help on those days.

But for everyday, I just want something simple that feels good to put on, that smells nice, but not nice enough that anyone else close by me can notice it.  I finally found my deodorant, the texture applies smooth, the lavender scent is subtle and pretty, and at the end of the day, I’m not stinky.  As they say, I can even skip a day!  Every now and then, I do get a little itchy-sensitive from this product, presumably from the baking soda.

*** In writing this post, it looks like Primally Pure has a new deodorant formula and it has changed up a bit from what I purchased - “less baking soda than the original formula and a tad bit more than the sensitive formula” and also now has the addition of non-nano zinc oxide.  Of late, I’ve been really sensitive to zinc in my facial products, both my zinc-containing BB cream and sunscreen have been giving me a drying wind-burn effect on my cheeks.  Zinc is a mild astringent (which might be good for a deodorant!) and it wasn’t really working for me on the areas on my face that are already dry.  I’ll have to report back on how the new formula goes on the underarms.  I’m so in love with the current product that I’m totally willing to give this new formula a shot.

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Mojito Beard Oil $20 - I bought this as a present for Tim.  He doesn’t have a beard, but I thought he could use it as a shave / face oil.  He totally loves the smell lim / mint smell and he says it’s non-oily.  Apparentlym the skin around his eyes feels super relaxed after he uses the oil, so maybe I should try some, too.

Lavender Deodorant (original formula) $12 – See my love letter above :) This is really the first natural deodorant I’ve every used that’s done everything I want it to do.  Texture, smell, formula. Plus the packaging is so pretty.

Lip Balm $4 – You need one of these in every purse, and makeup bag, etc etc, right?  At least I need lip balm constantly here in the desert.  Might as well have it be awesome and natural and made by rad people.

Dry Shampoo (dark locks) $12 -I was a little concerned about dark being too dark, but it’s really just not white.  Which is great, because I feel like all my other dry shampoos have given me the grey grandma emoji hair.  They're a "light locks" formula also.  It has a really mild cocoa scent that fades pretty quickly.  Love.

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You know when you find something that’s cool and thoughtful and you just want to share? That’s me, with this rad company.  I’m so excited to try more products from Primally Pure. 

Side note, some of the Primally Pure products use both organic grass-fed beef tallow, and beeswax. 

As of today, there’s a code up on the Balanced Bites podcast to get a free lip balm with your first order, so be sure to hit that up!

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Melinda Staehling