Mineral Fusion mini-haul & review

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In my search for safer skincare and makeup products I lean pretty heavy on the Environmental Working Group for info. EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization empowering people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.  You can check out their skin deep database on cosmetics here.

Mineral Fusion recently had a little pop-up in Whole Foods, and the big green EWG Verified seal of approval caught my eye. I picked up a few items and after trying them for a couple weeks, here’s what I think -

Mineral Fusion - Body Lotion | Waterstone $9.99

EWG score – 4

This is my favorite item from my stash, possibly because I really needed a body lotion at the end of summer in Las Vegas? It’s light and non-greasy, and works well on arms and legs all day even in this dry, dry, climate.  A little bummed it was a “4” on the EWG scale, as I thought all the products on the kiosk were EWG verified, so still searching for something in that scores a little better?

Mineral Fusion | Perfecting Mineral Beauty Balm (bb cream) SPF 9 $27.99

EWG score – 3

I chose the matte finish as the other ‘perfecting’ finish option had an obvious shimmer that seemed a bit much for everyday.  It drys to a nice, flat, matte and really helps with shine that I’m always up against with oily skin.  I even use a bit more as concealer and focus on under eye.  The Beauty Balm only comes in one color which seems a bit odd? It blends with my lighter-toned face, but I can’t see that working for everyone.

Mineral Fusion | Volumizing Mascara | Jet $18.99

EWG score – EWG verified

The mascara has a really nice texture and I’m stoked to find an EWG verified product to put on my eyelashes.  I really like the separation and definition I get. I’ve been having eye irritation all summer and with this mascara, I’m not feeling as much dryness / irritation by the end of day.  Definitely has the tendency to smear giving any opportunity, there's a lot of clean-up post yoga class or if you have teary eyes.

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Mineral Fusion | Eye Shadow Trio | in Stunning Sensationnel $26.99

EWG score – EWG verified

Overall, the colors are well-pigmented and fairly long wearing.  The darker colors are really fine-milled and have a ton of pigment which I love.  The lighter gold is a little too dusty and doesn’t seem to have the same staying power.  I get some creasing on my lid after a bit, but that’s pretty typical for me.  The little tins have a tendency to pop out of the palette and the packaging feels a little cheap, I’d prefer something with a little more weight.

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I'll be back for more, especially the looking forward to trying the lipsticks which are EWG verified.  Have you tried any of the Mineral Fusion products? What are your favorite safe beauty brands?

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