Hot drinks | Trader Joe's organic moringa, mango & ginger tea

I have a ritual habit for hot drinks in the morning.   I love getting up really early, and brewing a scalding beverage.  Lately I’m exploring my options, without the caffeine buzz.  

Moringa tea.jpg

It’s been over a month since I finally quit caffeine, after many, many failed attempts.  It was relatively easy for me to give up gluten, and grains, the payback was just too awful if I slipped.  Coffee and to a lesser extent, green tea, make me feel just bad enough that I've kept them both around for years.  You know, for the love of staying awake in the world and all.

I have a little heart click that’s worsened by caffeine.  I’ve tested this out on so many occasions, and it’s a lesson hard learned.  Smaller amounts, green tea only, one sip of coffee.  My little trial is over and I’m left wide awake with heart palpitations and some seriously uncomfortable chest pain while I’m trying to sleep.

This moringa, ginger and mango blend came home with me from Trader Joe’s – it caught my eye because ginger and moringa are both powerful anti-histamines, and mango is loaded with Vitamin C. I brewed the tea hot. You get a hit of cooked-mango, tropical sweetness, and the spicy ginger, there’s also this pungent veggie-toned bottom note.  It took me a minute to pick up on it, but then I couldn't really shake it.  It's funky.

I read that moringa loses a lot of its efficacy when heated, so I brewed 3 tea bags as a sun tea, too.  Somehow that canned asparagus flavor really came out at room temperature.   Doing some more research, I guess it's well documented that moringa can taste pretty terrible.  For now, I think I’m going to stick with the TJ's turmeric ginger tea as my go-to, and possibly investigate moringa as a supplement.  Have you tried moringa? What are your favorite herbal teas?

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