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Are you spending valuable time feeling anxious, craving, hangry, or just “off”? Have you checked in on your nutrition lately?

If you relate to the following, then Mood Method coaching may be a good fit -

  • Years of drinking and eating the wrong foods have lead to digestive issues, you don’t really know what’s “normal” anymore.

  • The sugar dragon is real. You’re cranky by noon, no matter what you eat in the morning.

  • You’re still thinking about drinking when 5PM hits, craving wine, or carbs, or both.

  • Periods are painful, irregular and symptomatic

The list goes on. Why Mood Method ? This is nutritional therapy, based on whole foods and neuro-nutrients. Am I going to ask you to give up your meditation, crystals and hobbies? Absolutely not, I love the woo. Will you need to lose some (most) of the sugar and refined carbs? Definitive yes.

We’ll look at your unique craving patterns, nutritional deficiencies and where your body is out of balance. This gets you further, faster, freeing you up to get on with living life.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I utilize my understanding of food and supplements to support your physical body, which is directly tied to emotions. As a former gray area drinker, I know that moving past cravings takes more than willpower and white-knuckling it.

While I’ll never undervalue the power of therapy and group connection in the path to an alcohol free life, there’s also a metabolism piece, a major factor when overcoming cravings. Many current programs do not address this concept, or treat it as an afterthought. This is where Mood Method comes in.

Some of the factors when overcoming cravings -

  • Blood sugar

  • Hormone balance

  • Gut health

  • Protein needs

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Gluten sensitivity

  • Overall inflammation

Together, we’ll look at you from a bio-individual approach, and I’ll offer resources that support both your body & brain chemistry ALONG with the emotional piece. It’s all connected.

Personalized Recommendations

One on One Accountability

Nutritional Therapy Mood Method Coaching

for early sobriety

This program is entirely one on one coaching and meetings will take place via video call. All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to try something new.

Achievable alcohol free lifestyle results through diet change, supplement and lifestyle coaching -

your own unique strategies to Overcoming intense sugar & alcohol cravings

Decreased anxiety

Better sleep

Peace of mind between meals

INdividualized meal prep plan

Healthy skin (which happens from the inside, out)

Improved digestion

While I have a lot of tips on how to prepare meals quickly, and plenty of options for eating out, this program WILL require you to get in the kitchen and eat real food.

We’ll work together on a doable supplement regimen. Alcohol use, imbalanced blood sugar and digestive issues (which almost all my clients have) can be supported more quickly with supplementation.

Initial Deep Dive + Personal Plan - One Hour

One on One Coaching - $150

(the cost of a night out indulging)

  • Prior to 1st Video meeting - You’ll complete a 4 Day Food Journal and online Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire

  • Interview call via Zoom - 60 minutes

  • Follow up report with nutrient-dense diet and supplement suggestions

60 Day Intensive - Coaching with Accountability & Support - $675

(discount will be applied for clients completing a Deep Dive)

  • Initial 90 minute Deep Dive + Personal Plan

  • 4X - 1/2 hour follow up meetings, every other week, in order to implement the plan

  • Commit to being fully off alcohol for the 30 days / duration of program.  I'll be available for email support, messaging, and resourcing

  • Willingness to participate in a whole foods eating plan (Gluten Free diet, Sugar Control diet)

  • Meal and Supplement recommendations will be provided.  I don't sell supplements, but will tell you all my favorite brands

Questions? Book a 20 minute Introductory coaching call

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Melinda Mrachek is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, and has completed Gray Area Drinking Recovery Coach Training with Healthy Discoveries / Jolene Park. She is not a licensed Therapist or Registered Dietician, and does not diagnose or treat any disease or medical illness.