I work with people who are ready to regain control of their health through a journey of diet and lifestyle shifts.

Real Food Diet

Transitioning away from a processed carb-heavy diet to a whole foods lifestyle is the single greatest thing you can do to take charge of your own physical and emotional health.

There’s no magic pill here, just real food cooking. strategies to make meal prep easier and to tailor the process to you. In order to truly transform your overall health and well being, the work starts in the kitchen.

Individual Supplement Protocol

We’re living in a world where soils are depleted of nutrients, and it’s commonplace for the food industry to remove the natural food sources of vitamins and minerals, then add back in cheap synthetics. High quality supplements can really turn the lights on for many of my clients.


If you aren’t managing stress, exercising, sleeping well and working through anxiety no amount of gluten free recipes will help you meet your goals. This is where I provide resourcing. Be prepared to discuss your exercise, sleep, stress, and toxin exposure, and let’s move forward with the whole picture.


Concerns I work with -

Blood sugar balance & sugar addiction

Early sobriety

Histamine intolerance - flushing, migraines, skin issues

Short term ketogenic diet for chronic inflammation


Hormone imbalance - PCOS, ovarian cysts, period repair

Food intolerance & sensitivity


Digestive issues & gut health - IBS, SIBO, bowel issues

Diet transitions - gluten free / paleo / keto / low-histamine



Full health history and current patterns, to begin our plan

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire & Report + food journal analysis + follow up report with recommendations



$850 paid in full / $300 month to month

Includes Initial Deep Dive Consultation + Weekly Calls to assess and move forward, email support welcome

Keep in mind, I’m not a Dr, or a nurse. I’m here for coaching, accountability and walking side by side with you through this process. Outside resourcing including additional lab work, functional testing and practitioner appointments may be requested at any time.

Please reach out directly for

private cooking and instruction in PORTLAND, OR

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Melinda Mrachek is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, and has completed Gray Area Drinking Recovery Coach Training with Healthy Discoveries / Jolene Park. She is not a licensed Therapist or Registered Dietician, and does not diagnose or treat any disease or medical illness.

I was feeling bloated and pudgy and reached out to Melinda to see if she could help me feel better. She recommended a whole foods plan and I dove right in. We scheduled an appointment to meet at a grocery store and she and I walked the aisles together shopping for items to make four dishes which I could prep for the next week's meals. Melinda came to my home and we cooked the dishes together. She showed me some tips and tricks and also went through my pantry to see what else I should buy and what I should toss.

The food we prepared together set me up for my first week on the whole foods plan. Without her I would not have started the program as smoothly as I did. She was available if I had any questions during my adjustment to the program. She also checked in to see if I had any challenges that needed specific help. Between work and family, my time is very limited, and starting a new eating program would have been difficult without her. Melinda was the expert that I could count on to help me stay on track and supplement my own cooking to be sure I had all the food I needed readily available. I highly recommend her services and coaching when it comes to starting a program and having continued success - AJ